Thursday, June 04, 2009

Daredevil and the Biter

Maddy has received her new nickname of "Daredevil" after a tumble down a stair, forward roll over Hubby's back, and several "look ma, no hands" moments of standing unassisted. She always has been more of the look before you leap baby, and it's holding true. It may scare me to no end as she loves to go down the steps facing forward, but at least she does so on her belly.

Fangs, AKA Libby has turned into a little biter today. She actually left a tooth mark on Maddy's forehead (ouch!), bit my finger hard when I was trying to feel around for any new teeth, and chomped down on Hubby too.

They are making quite the little team. Hubby caught this little video of them over the weekend and it still makes me laugh. Guess who's going after the camera?

Kitchen crawling from Susan D. on Vimeo.


mamaloves said...

Their so fast and cute:)

Jules said...

myexact thoughts... MAN, they are FAST!!!

Cute video!

NatalieDeltaGam said...

oh lord, they are so active! ...and fast!
how do you keep up with them both?!
preciousness as always!