Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A break in our scheduled programming

I had to take a break in my reminiscing about last year to share a funny story from earlier today.

It was time for the girls to go down for a nap, so my Mom and I decided that it would be a good time to go out and do a little grocery and "girly" shopping, aka looking around Target, AC Moore, etc.

Mom changed Libby while I changed Maddy. Then I read them a story, pulled the blinds and tucked them in for their afternoon naps. My Dad was left in charge which basically meant he could watch ESPN and listen out for them to wake up.

When Mom and I got back home, the girls were playing in the family room and my Dad was hanging out supervising.

I went over to give them a kiss and I patted Libby on the bottom and noticed that I didn't feel her diaper. I thought maybe it had slipped down, but upon further inspection, she was bare-assed in her little outfit. And of course the outfit was slightly damp.

I asked Mom if she had remembered to put a diaper on her & she said yes, but knew that she hadn't snapped up her outfit the entire way because she said she was in a rush to get out for some shopping! So, I went to look in the crib and sure enough, there was one dry diaper. We don't know if Mom just didn't get it on tight enough and it fell off or if Libby just pulled it off or what.

I just had to laugh that Dad didn't notice and I'm so glad that the outfit was only damp and there wasn't a trail of something else left to find!

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Mad About Plaid Girl said...

Now THAT is funny. Glad I get to hear about you on the blog...I'm missing you. I can only imagine how busy you are. Love you...have a great party weekend. I"ll be thinking of you from Colorado!