Monday, June 08, 2009


So I guess you could say I'm on a blue kick. Maybe it comes from my Piscean nature and I've always found shades of blue and green so soothing and calming.

To back up a few steps and make it all make sense, here is what I think happened.

1. I volunteered for and attended a Designer Showhouse and one of the rooms (the bar), had about 30 small prints all framed and hung together. I loved the look of it and wanted to find something to do in our home.

2. I hunted on eBay for some kind of vintage print to catch my eye and remember, I posted about the eggs? I ended up not bidding on those and then ...

3. Jillian contacted me and she found some great eggs by Morris for me. These were by the same designer as the ones on eBay. She had a few of her own in her house. Once I saw the pictures, I knew they were the exact thing I wanted. She was wonderful to work with and she coordinated matting and had them shipped right to my door. Jill, your check is in the mail!

4. Now I have these lovely eggs prints and mats, so I need to get frames, but I also need to paint the entry way leading into our living room so all of this will coordinate. Hubby is probably reading this saying "I need to paint?! More like Hubby needs to paint." Anyway, remember the post about paint colors, etc? I've also realized that I also need new throw pillows to coordinate with all of this new blueness.

5. I'm planning to hang the eggs on the blank wall over this sofa. This sofa was my Mom's sister and I had it upholstered a few years ago. It's an Ethan Allen and I love the tuxedo style of it. From the age of it and how well it has worn, I'm amazed it has lasted this long.

6. So now that this living room will be getting all coordinated, I also need to decorate the mantle. Why is this so hard? I love my mercury glass candle holders (missing candles), but I have no idea what to do with the rest. A mirror over the mantle? Pictures? A collection of pacifiers? The dog bone since Maddy is obsessed with it and won't leave it alone?

7. Blue hydrangeas. I'm loving them this year. My white ones are also in bloom and I noticed that one bush has a few that are a shade of pink. So pretty and I wish I could enjoy them all year round.


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

It's always fun to bring in new elements to your home - be sure to post the final result!

Sotorrific Twins said...

Hydrangeas are my favorites! They bloom so beautifully here in New England but yes, for far too short a time.

nanny said...

Love the paint color! Which one is it?

Jules said...

mirrors over the mantle are always greta...or a picture...not hung but sitting on the mantle. :) I lik eyour couch...ours in our playroom (that used to be in the den before new furniture)is almost the same thing but with 2 big back pillows instead of smaller ones alla round.

Cute prints!

Susan D. said...

Nanny, the current paint color is a taupe that the previous owners painted. We love the color & had it matched for a guest bedroom, but I'm not sure what it is! The small entry is currently a shade of red, but I want to change it to a light blue.

Jillian, Inc said...

I never can seem to get my mantle just right, either. I have a big clock hanging over mine which I love (most days) but the actual mantle decor always looks wrong to me, except at Christmas - ha!

Aimala said...

I love mirrors hung over a mantle or resting on it. I think one would look beautiful over yours. Of course, the dog bone hung just right might really bring the room together! LOL
The egg prints are lovely and I really like the mats you have around them. The wall color is really nice and a great back drop for the egg prints.I hope you'll post a picture when they're hung up, I think they're going to look great!
Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, yours are the perfect blue.