Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It is hard to believe that in just under a month, my babies will be one year old! It really feels like it has all gone by in the blink of an eye.

As most Moms of eleven-months know, I am counting down to the end of formula! Hurray! Yippee! Ca-ching! I really didn't want to do the math, but when I added it up, I was shocked. I stopped breastfeeding and pumping at eight months, but it made me wish that I had kept going a little bit longer.

A can of Neosure is $14.99 (the cheapest I can find it and Similac has all, but stopped sending coupons.) I used to have handfuls of $5 coupons, but now we're lucky to get one $3 coupon every other month.

Maddy and Libby go through a can of formula a day. 31 days x $14.99 = $464.69. OUCH.

That's a car payment, or childcare, or college savings, or half of our new fence, or new clothes for me, I mean new Brooks Brothers shirts for Hubby! I will excitedly buy them the best gallon of organic whole milk that I can find on June 21!

My question to the Mom's out there ... how did you transition? Part milk/part formula and just gradually increase the milk, decrease the formula? Did you still warm everything up? How long did it take you to switch to 100% milk? They like yogurt and cheese, so hopefully this will be an easy transition.


Ladybug's Picnic said...

I used up the last can of formula, threw it away and poured a 6oz bottle of whole milk that she drank uneventfully. Voila, transition over! I think there are other ways to do it, but cold turkey worked great for both girls for me.

Next week we ditch the bottles - we're down to just a nighttime bottle now. I am so happy to be done, and you must be SO happy, times TWO!

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Oh, and I never warmed up the milk. I actually never warmed up the formula either. I think I remember warming up the milk for a while for my oldest but I found that she didn't really mind it cold...if you warm the formula now I'd try warming the milk, it might help ease the transition.

Elle said...

Great post. I have all the same questions. I still have a few months to go but looking forward to not buying formula. Hope more moms with experience share their ideas.

Goddess in Progress said...

I switched over the course of maybe a week. Started doing mostly formula/part milk, and then just shifted the balance as the week went on.

We never warmed up the milk, though I guess it was colder than they were used to because we always used a room-temperature Brita to make their formula bottles. Again, the week-long transition can help get you there. The bottles will become proportionately more milk, and will get a bit cooler each day! We didn't have any problems.

Now, switching off of bottles to cups.... THAT we had to just go cold turkey. My son could care less, my daughter wanted to hold onto that bottle for milk (though had no problem with using a sippy for water). If you encounter resistance getting rid of the bottles, try a straw cup. That's what my daughter ended up liking.

Mrs. K said...

i think i did the same thing as ladybug there...but i grew up in a latin household and by 1 yr old my kid was already eating a lot of solids (mashed up of course)...hence the reason my kid is crazy about rice and beans- her favorite since she could grab rice at about 8 months. we're daredevils like that i guess ;)

alanaransley said...

I just realized I've been reading your blog for a year; time sure flies!

With both my kids, I finished their last cans of formula, and poured them a bottle of milk. I did warm it initially, because I had warmed the formula, but that stopped pretty quickly.

I know a lot of people switch to cups with that first serving of milk, but we continued with bottles for a few more weeks afterward, until I couldn't stand the milk being flung when my daughter shook the bottle.

If you haven't bought cups yet, the Nuby ones (sold at Walmart and Target) have really soft silicone spouts that are pretty close to the way the bottles are. The only problem is that the kids can bite through the valve at the top, dripping milk everywhere.

Some Like it Southern said...

If you still need coupons, I have lots! I am breastfeeding still and for whatever reason, I get coupons just about every month. Please feel free to email if you are interested

ps. I can't believe the girls are almost 1! It has flown by!!

Heidi said...

I started weening back bottles. So if we did 4 bottles a day, we did one week of 3, one week of 2 etc. Then it was all whole milk (YEAH!) from then on out. I don't warm it. My son drinks it just like a drink with his meal.
So, you should take a vacation with the money you save! I can't imagine over $400 per month!

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

I didn't realize they drink a can a day! Dang girl...that's a lot of money! I did the transition. If I were you, I'd try cold turkey and if they drink it, then you are good. If not, then go to transitioning. The bottle is the harder thing for me. Like someone else said--she'll drink water from sippy but not milk. Since my little one is fairly small, we still use the bottle. Just want to make sure she is getting all the nutrients she needs due to weight. Good luck and let us know!

Aimala said...

I just wanted to say hi! I started reading your blog recently, being relatively new to blog world and I love it! Maddy & Libby are so beautiful! I am a twin, too and have a twin sister! And I adore black labs (and most animals!) I don't have my own blog yet but I think one day soon I will!

Have a great day with those adorable girls!