Friday, May 08, 2009

Recycle bin

I was paying checks online this morning and balancing my check book. I always end up with a wad of receipts that I either tear up or throw in our recycle bin. I also had money that I had pulled out of my wallet to use to pay the woman who cleans for us.

When I was done, I was putting everything away and throwing away old receipts when I remembered that I wanted to put the money in the drawer so I could give it to her when she was done cleaning later today.

I looked around and ... no money. I went through my file folder, looked in my purse again, flipped through my calendar, under my laptop, in my pockets, on the floor, but I couldn't find it.

I was starting to get a little worried and could not find the money. Had Hubby taken it accidentally? Did the dogs eat it? Am I losing it??

For whatever reason, I thought to look in the recycle bin and there sat three crumpled twenties, all mixed in with my receipts. Glad I found it, but I am a little worried that I am losing it! Or just trying to do too many things at once.


Jules said...

i do that all the time...I try to be rush rush and do too much at one time...I throw away $, receipts I should be saving, good coupons...I once even threw out my Swatch watch (that I got on my honeymoon for just a fun casual beachy watch) b/c I was carrying around too many things at once to clean up and throw some things away...i ened upo throwing away the stuff I was trying to clean I threw the watch in the trash. After hrs and hrs of searching for it hubbie said " you prob threw it out in one of your rushing moments" So I went outside to the trash and listened to all the bags and sure was ticking! LOL you know those swatches are so loud!

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

It's called being a mother. Just today I thought I lost my wallet. Found it.

Gleatie said...

Thank god you didn't SHRED it!! THere would have been no hope then! I threw away a $200 check that my husband and I got for our wedding a few months ago and I had to tell the person that gave it to us! Thank god it was just my cousin and she sent us another one! I was so embaressed!! Just found your blog! CAn't wait to read more. Cute pictures of your babies! Happy Mothers Day! I am hosting a giveaway on my blog right now that has some super cute monogrammed for you OR the babies!!