Friday, May 01, 2009

All about photos

One more post about photos. This picture was taken back in December, right after we had Maddy and Libby's christenings. One of my favorites.

Anyway, I'm usually not one to scream "come vote for my babies", but I did want to tell you about a little contest that I entered over here. No idea what they will win, but the contest was for a) multiples and b) cute babies, so I figured why not.

So, please check it out and we'd love your vote. Voting is open until for just a few days, so don't delay. There are lots of cute photos and if you are a Mom of multiples, this blog is a great resource.
On another photo note, once I can recharge my camera's batteries, I hope to post some photos of the great party Hubby and I attended last night. It was a fundraiser for the Junior League and was truly a great time. Good food, good drinks, a great cause, a gorgeous setting, and good friends. Can't get much better than that. This party meant that I actually put on a cocktail dress, heels, make up, and left the babies with a sitter. Gasp! It really is amazing that all of the stars aligned and I left the house without sweet potatoes or spit up on my shoulder.


Jules said...

OMG, I LOVE that pic! So sweet...she coudl be saying "you know, I love you sop much" or (in a mafia voice "let me tell you zumthing.."

Heidi said...

Such a darling pic!

I voted for you! :>)

Amanda said...

Congratulations on making top 20!

nanny said...

what a precious picture, will definitely vote!!!

Buford Betty said...

Cutest twosome ever. Love it!