Monday, April 27, 2009


I'm still here ... I'll give you the Cliff Notes version of the past few days.

- Two 10-hour car rides.
- Two visits to Cracker Barrel and Denny's. *I swear, these places aren't on my top 10 list, but were awesome places to stop and feed the girls ... they brought us hot water for bottles and didn't care if we spilled 900 cheerios on the floor. Well, since Hubby's a good tipper, I don't think they cared.
- A 13.1 mile run for Hubby, who beat his previous time at this race.
- A 8 mile + 2.5 mile run for me. Long story ... I was supposed to run 10 miles to train for my half-marathon, but ran out of sidewalk (longer story), so I had to break it up into two runs.
- Lots of 80+ degree weather.
- Two nights away from sweet baby girls in a nice hotel, with a king bed, and fluffy pillows, without sweet baby girls, with a Starbucks in the hotel lobby. This is when I wish we had Grandparents in the same city.
- A wonderful dinner with old and new friends.
- A crazy family dinner with yummy food and lots of laughs.
- Picnic lunches, complete with bubbles for the girls by my parents. I really think this was so my Mom didn't have to continually pick up food off her floor.
- A tooth for Maddy!


Northern Girl Southern Living said...

sounds like a crazy but fun weekend :)

lisagh said...

A tooth!

Jules said...

yea for the tooth!

CTB said...

You've been quite the busy lady!

Anonymous said...

My daughter ran the 1/2 marathon in Nashville. We had a wonderful time there for the weekend also.
Love your blog...

Ann in Georgia