Friday, March 27, 2009


I may have jinxed myself.

I commented on Lisagh's post this morning about how nice it would be if life were like Facebook and you could simply "unfriend" someone. Then later, I was on Facebook and for what ever reason, I realized that I hadn't noticed any recent comments from one of my friends.

Well, I'm not his friend anymore.

Do you think he un-friended me? People just don't disappear off your friends list, do they? Should I just request to be his friend again or just sit quietly and brood about it?

This is why Facebook is often too much like high school and it gets on my nerves! All those same feelings of insecurity rear their ugly head again.

I promise that I am really NOT scary, psycho-Facebook stalker girl that this post makes me appear to me.


Goddess in Progress said...

Yeah, I noticed that, too. A girl I went to elementary school with seems to have un-friended me. Whatever, we weren't close. But still, she was sort of in the "cool" crowd in high school, so it's hard to not feel like I'm a geeky 14-year-old all over again. :-)

lisagh said...

I've been unfriended and have unfriended... I guess that's life in FB land!

But I LOVED your idea of unfriending in real life. Oh I wish!

Miche said...

I'm a frequent unfriender :) I'm not one to try and collect friends on FB just to have a ton so maybe he just figured you guys didn't talk often.

Heidi said...

I am pretty picky with who I am friends with so I'd be a little ticked if someone unfriended me. a few days ago, I realized that someone "unfollowed" my blog. I IMMEDIATELY noticed.

Can't help but be a little unhappy about that. Oh well...I am 30. I'll get over it. :>)

More, More, More said...

I was unfriended by someone who I think was tired of all of my work related facebook stuff. I called her out on it though when I switched over to a personal facebook page! I also like the unfriending in real life too-- in fact I've been unfriended in real life too!! Your girls are the most adorable babies I have seen in such a long time (not that all babies are adorable in their own way) your girls are not just adorable they are pretty! so sweet looking... I love their eyes!