Tuesday, March 24, 2009

lemon bars

Martha must have some sort of tracker on my craving for the day. I was thinking about lemon bars and (poof) an email appears with her best lemon recipes, including one for lemon squares. It's magic ... just like those ads on google!


Don't they look good? I think I may need to pick up lemons and the rest of the ingredients on my grocery store trip tonight so I can try to make them tomorrow.

Other staples in our house that we are either out of or as we say, "on alert" that we are almost out of ... coffee creamer, peanut butter, oatmeal squares cereal, whole wheat bread, bananas. I'm sure there's a dozen other things too. Hmmm, maybe it's selfish that the things always replenished are items that I always need for my own breakfast and lunch. Well, Hubby eats the peanut butter too, so I guess that counts for something.

I also want to pick up some blueberries for Maddy and Libby. They are into feeding themselves, so I'm going to try to "smoosh" the blueberries and cut into pieces to see what they think. So far, cheerios are the favorite, but they'll also eat bananas, sweet potato, and baked apples cut into tiny bits. The dogs think it's great too, because there is usually about a 70/30 ratio on what actually makes it into their mouths.


Goddess in Progress said...

Oh, yum, I love a good lemon bar.

Enjoy the blueberries! I used to just cut them in half. My kids still love them (and no longer require cutting). Just beware... no one warned me about the blue poop. :-)

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I love lemon bars - yum! That recipe looks delish.

Well I Do Declare said...

Haha! I am laughing about the 70/30 ratio. I used to babysit this little boy and it was the same way with him. I would let their dog take the first stab at cleaning up the mess :)

Miche said...

This must be a sign the I "need" lemon bars