Saturday, March 14, 2009

Date day

Hubby and I had plans to run in the Beerun today. (Yes that is how they spell it.) It's a 5 mile run that starts and ends at a neat little pub in our city. We've done it several times ... it's hilly, but always a good, fun run.

Well, we were going to register today because we missed the cut off for early registration. Today has turned out to be a cold and rainy mess. I was ready to go for it when Hubby reminded me of the rule that states "If you've already registered, you run. If you haven't registered, then you aren't obligated." I guess that's so if you already have the tee shirt, it wouldn't really be fair not to run. Kinda like having the concert tee shirt without going to the show.

So anyway, we already had a sitter for this afternoon so we have decided to go ahead and do something. No real plans ... a late lunch and watch the Tar Heels play some basketball. Isn't that what rainy Saturdays are supposed to be for anyway?

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Sara said...

That's my rule too! Although sometimes an exception can be made - if you're hurt or sick.