Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I knew it would happen one day

This afternoon, M & L were playing with toys on a blanket. I decided to use this opportunity to pump and still be able to keep an eye on them.

About two minutes in, I look over to see Libby holding onto a toy. Upon second glance, I realize that she is holding Zeus' tennis ball / rope toy just a mere inch below her mouth. I need to preface this story to say that I did not place this toy on the blanket. I am assuming that since Libby has started to get pretty active scooting around, she must have snagged it from the floor.

As you can imagine, I'm hooked up cow like to a machine, so I start talking to her trying to get her attention so she doesn't put this nasty thing in her mouth. I'm all, "Hi Libby ... hey sweetie ... what are you doing, Libby?" For a while it works, she just continues to look at me and hold the toy. Then, she slowly started inching it back up towards her sweet little lips. She's probably thinking, "Silly lady. I'll show her."

So, I "unhooked" and pulled this new toy out of her tiny little hands, checked for any errant dog hairs on her face, and decided that she will probably never have any dog allergies due to her close encounters with dogs on a daily basis.

Oh, life with dogs ... I can only imagine what we'll be doing when they are crawling!


nanny said...

She probably thought Zeus made it look good! How cute.

Miche said...