Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hair goodness

** Edited to add ... here is the company. It's called Davines.

I finally had a much needed haircut yesterday. Next week is color. I know everyone is glad so they can quit counting grey hairs. Or maybe that was just me. I had to stop plucking them because I was worried about a bald spot!

My salon has a new product line that I had tried the last time I was there, but broke down yesterday and bought some to try at home. It was a bit of a splurge ... I've already warned Hubby not to touch it ... but it makes your hair feel and smell amazing. I rationalized this, because let's face it ... working from home + 2 babies = not washing my hair every day.

The things I like best about it are that it's all natural products that are good for your hair, it comes in great glass packaging, and it really does make my hair feel soft and look shiny. Plus, it smells great. Oh, and did I mention that it's made in Italy so I can label the glass bottle "fragile" and go around saying "fra-gil-ay."


amanda said...

Hey, Susan! My sister lives in Oregon and just sent me a package of her favorite things from Oregon, mostly food and beer and wine. I want to do the same for her. Can you think of any local favorites to include? I was thinking of some beer from Natty Green's, a local wine (do you have one you like?), sugar bread, maybe some Krispy Kreme coffee (since the donuts won't travel as well), maybe some chocolate from that new chocolate store on Lawndale, maybe some of that new sweet tea vodka (she's in college), any other thoughts.

Jules said...

what is it? the product.

Solar Powered said...

yeah, i'm dying to know the product. i'm such a sucker for shampoo.

Susan D. said...

I don't know why sometimes my links don't show up. The product is Davines. I tried the Glorifiying shampoo and deep conditioner. I swear it feels better!