Friday, January 23, 2009

Running Dork

I think I may just try to strap a headlamp on when I run next week, because I really "need" one more item to carry.

For last night's run, I carried/wore ...

* My iPod, a necessity and full of songs to keep me moving.
* Hubby's "clicker" so my ADD self could keep track of how many laps I had done on the track. I'm not good at counting "one" in my head the whole lap.
* My knee strap, since my left knee has been bugging me since Saturday. Old+not running in almost 2 years=my body asking me WTF?
* Water bottle. Well, I did leave this on the bench while I ran. However, it does have a handle on it if I decided to carry it.
* Gloves and ear muff thingy. Again, a necessity when it's 40 degrees.
* Car key
* Watch / heart rate monitor combo. To keep track of my time and to keep track of calories burned, heart rate, etc.

I just laugh at myself, because you always hear how running is the best sport ever because you can just grab your shoes and go. Maybe it's just me, but I seem to keep accumulating stuff with every run.


Jules said...

girl, I hear ya! I am the same way. LOL
were you at GDS? I skipped b/c of the cold...and a sick hubbie.

I have learned to put my car remote into the little pocket on my hand held water bottle and I run with that bottle so it does not get lost.

Cool idea on the clicker...I need one of those. But honestly, I am TRACKED OUT! it sux out there.

Miche said...

This is me when I run. Last year at target they had these fancy shirts with pockets on the sleeves perfect for Ipod's etc. Then I had more room to carry stuff in my hands.

Susan D. said...

I was there ... I'm with you on the track. I get a little bored. I also ran the track at the Y and I think that is even worse, since you are indoors. Oh well ... I'm hoping for Spring soon! Hope your hubby is feeling better!

The Cape House said...

This made me laugh. I know I must look like such a dork will all of my keys, Ipod, ID, and gloves. That's why I try to run when there aren't many people around. I thought I was so smart figuring out how to stick my keys in the strap of my sports bra to hold them out of sight while I run. The only problem is that I have to go fishing for them after, and THAT is quite a sight. I'm sure you didn't look as bad as you think.