Friday, January 09, 2009

Growing up

I just packed up a box of 4-ounce bottles, since they were taking up cabinet space and we haven't used them in months. Sigh. It's so hard for me to believe that 6 months has flown by this quickly! Some days, it seems like only yesterday we were making daily trips to the NICU and Maddy and Libby were eating out of the little NICU bottles that look like baby doll bottles. I think they may hold 2 ounces, plus they were taking about 22 ml, which isn't even an ounce and they normally would end up finishing those bottles via their feeding tubes.

It just seems so long away now and it's hard to remember them being this small. I'm sure it will be even harder to remember when they turn 13 and are wearing their generations version of Maddona t-shirts, and I will look back at these pictures and smile. Or maybe cry. Or both!


Mad About Plaid Girl said...

left you an award

Jules said...

Oh the memories...I remember it well, and mine ws 4.5 yrs ago.

Your girls have grown so much and they are beautiful!!