Monday, January 05, 2009

Day One

I feel like it's Day One of my "new" job. This is the first day that I've worked without parents or Hubby around since I started, so it's up to me to work, take care of the girlies, and play on Facebook, I mean work really hard today. Here's to hoping that I can get some work accomplished today, and all of the girls (myself included) out of their PJ's and into real clothes!

All I can say is Thank God for email. I've been emailing and working since around 7AM. I could never do that if I had to be on the phone.

So far, so good. Libby is awake and downstairs with me. She's currently entertaining herself with a toy in each hand and trying her hardest to insert the largest toy, in it's entirety in her mouth. Maddy is sleeping and I'm tuning in via baby monitor.

So, here's hoping to a good first day and for all of you who are back in the office after a two-week break, I'm going to get myself a second cup of coffee ... how about you?

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Jules said...

calgon take me away....

did yout alk to Liz??