Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We're on the charts!

At our 4 month appointment today, we were excited to hear that Maddy and Libby made it on the growth charts. Maddy is up to 10 lbs, 8.5 ounces and 22 3/4 inches long and Libby is 11 lbs, 8.5 ounces and 23 1/4 inches long. This put Maddy in about the 5th percentile for height and weight and Libby in the 7th for weight and 10th for height. Whoo-hoo! At their 2 month check up, they didn't even show up on the charts. Our Pediatrician was very pleased with their continued growth and development. We had another round of shots (glad that's over) and they are both still snoozing after a good bout of crying.

We left with the go ahead to try rice cereal, vegetables, and fruits if we would like. I think we may try a little rice cereal this weekend and see how that goes first. Does anyone out there make their own baby food? I think I may attempt to try - my biggest problem is that we aren't the best about eating vegetables ourselves ... especially ones liked cooked carrots, squash, and peas - some of the veggies that are on the list to try. This may just force us into cooking (and eating) more veggies ... not a bad thing at all. I think it would be better for them if we make the food and also more cost effective. I know I saw a cookbook in the Williams-Sonoma catalogue ... does anyone have any good recommendations for baby food cookbooks or websites, otherwise all I'll end up making are sweet potatoes!

So a good appointment, and we left with 2 cans of our NeoSure formula. Always excited for samples, especially ones that retail for almost $20 a can and seem to be scarce on the shelves lately.


Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

congrats, little girlies!!

samantha said...

wholesomebabyfood.com is a great website for making your own babyfood.

Congrats on being on the charts!

-A lurker

Liz Jimenez said...

Woohoo for making it onto the charts! :-) My daughter has been riding the 5th percentile, too.

I made basically all of my kids' baby food. I also recommend wholesomebabyfood.com. I thought their guidelines for when to introduce what foods were good, a touch on the conservative/safe side. The whole site has great advice, I found.

It really was not hard at all. I would make a big batch of something (maybe three sweet potatoes or four apples or something) on the weekend, freeze it in an ice cube tray, and then store it in the freezer in a ziploc bag. Then just nuke it for each meal. It was great.

I didn't start "solids" until 6 months. I wasn't ready at 4 months, and I don't think my kids were, either. If you want to start, rock on, but if it doesn't feel like the right thing, don't think you have to rush. Doctors really vary on their recommendation, but I've never heard there's a particular advantage to starting at 4 instead of 6 months. We started at 6 and I felt like we were all a lot more "ready," and my kids became great eaters.

Good luck!

Susan D. said...

I will admit, I was surprised that we were given the green light. Rice cereal seems like no big deal, but real food seems like such a big deal. I'll probably hold off for a while - I really want to wait until they're sitting up better or I can only imagine the even bigger messes we'll be having! : )

Dana said...

Bravo for getting on the charts! Mine are still in the small percentile on growth - but they are growing well just small.

Anyway - I like the Annabel Karmel line of books. She also has a web site:

Good luck with all the messiness to come!

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

hey susan,
i have a question...i remember you talking about a CD you bought for the girls. it had like bob marley songs that they had turned into lullabies (other artists too). do you know what i'm talking about? i would love to get those for mary margaret.

Jessi said...

Congratulations on making the chart!! The girls are precious!

Greens and Pinks said...

Yay for good growth! And whether you start at 4 or 6 months, oh man, it is a huge mess. I started Claire around 5 months on barley cereal at the pediatrician's recommendation (she's a little small) and just started with a little bit of bananas mixed in this past week.

I have to say, though, that I've never made any baby food myself, simply because it's so easy to buy it (even organic!) in the jar!

Missy said...

I've made a few things. The single ingredient meals are the easiest: carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, etc. I found it easiest to buy the frozen organic veggies at HT, then just cook and throw in the blender. I too have an Annabel Karmel book, it's pretty good.