Monday, November 03, 2008

Things that make 'em cry

For the longest time, well the past 4 months, nothing has seemed to shake the girls and upset them - vacuum, TV noise, daddy's loud voice, phone ringing, doors shutting, etc. We've purposely tried not to keep the house extremely quiet, but also don't blare the TV either. We want them to be used to noise and learn how to sleep through some noises. We do have dogs that bark and I do like to vacuum our house. Well, maybe I don't really like it, but a necessary evil.

We have noticed recently that loud sneezes (like Hubby's or Zeus') will start the lower lip quivering and will result in crying. Yesterday we found a few more.

We made it to church for the first time with the girls. We were on time and I was actually wearing make-up and a skirt. Complete with just a small amount of spit-up on the bottom that I didn't notice until we were in the car. The girls were fed and looking pretty dreamy, so we opted to just carry them into church in their car seats. All was going well until the organ played. Both looked up startled and poor Maddy's lip went down immediately. Luckily, it didn't last long and they were fine for the rest of the service.

We decided that lunch would be good - we were prepared and the place we chose wasn't busy, so we rolled the train AKA double stroller right in by our table. We all had a chance to eat and I took Libby to the restroom to change her diaper. They had one of those changing tables in the stall and everything was fine until I stood to close to the automatic flusher on the toilet and it flushed. Loudly. A look of fear was on Libby's face, then she started to cry. Poor girl. I got the diaper changed and grabbed her, luckily not "flushing" the toilet again. Whew.

Lucky for us, we aren't around church organs or standing around in bathrooms that often!


Liz Jimenez said...

My son went through a phase where he would cry when a group of people would suddenly laugh or make some sound. Such as when he did something funny and we'd all bust out laughing, or if he'd spit up spectacularly and three of us would go "ooohhh!!" That would set him off. He grew out of it, more or less. :-)

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

My son is 4 and STILL covers his ears to the sound of the toilet flushing. I've heard that you should carry around post-it notes and put them over the sensor. But who has time or remembers that everytime? Many times I just warn him and he takes off running before to try to avoid the flush sound!