Monday, November 17, 2008

The parents are coming, the parents are coming ...

Their EDT was 5AM CST today. Oh, that should put them here anywhere between 2PM EST and 6PM EST. Let's just say that my parents may be one of the last couples on earth who don't have a mobile phone and drive the speed limit. Oh, and stop at every rest stop for breaks. So, I wait all day and never really know when they'll arrive. The standard 8 hour drive can take anywhere from 8 hours to close to 12.

I'm looking forward to seeing them and let's face it, more importantly for them to see the girls. We looked back to see how much Maddy and Libby weighed when they left and they have doubled their weight since then. I'm sure they are going to look like little porkers to my parents.

So, on our agenda while they're here? Thanksgiving, a photo session for Christmas cards, hopefully a Christening for Maddy and Libby, planting peonies, and hopefully getting a few pictures hung around the house.

Mom is also bringing a collection of Hallmark ornaments that she's decided she no longer wants, so she thought I would be the perfect one to put them on Ebay for her. I can hardly wait for that one, but I think I'll be reminded that Hubby and I have built in babysitters of the free variety, so how can we say no. If you are looking for a particular ornament, send me a comment and we can talk, because she may have it. She was a little obsessed with them to say the least.

So, Hubby's not drinking yet, we don't know how long they are staying, but I'm sure there should be some interesting stories along the way.

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