Monday, October 27, 2008


After no outdoor time since Thursday, we finally made it out of the house this afternoon. Hubby came home sick Thursday afternoon, it hit me on Saturday night, so Hubby and I have been doing some serious single-parenting over the past few days, trying to keep the girls out of harms way. So far, so good. It has been a blur of sickness, washing everything in sight, eating the BRAT diet, and using an obscene amount of anti-bacterial everything. Why does getting sick always rekindle my love of applesauce?

I think Maddy and Libby were as ready to go for a walk as we were. They were bundled up with their little hats, blankets up to their chins, and at one point all you could see on Libby were two eyes and a pacifier. Note to self - start bringing cameras on walks. After our walk, they both ate and immediately fell asleep. Ahhhh, babies sleeping, dogs snoring, and Hubby watching football. Not a bad Monday night.

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