Friday, October 03, 2008

Over the river and through the woods

It's really more like down the highway and on the Interstate ... to the Grandparents house we go.

Tomorrow will be the first family road trip (minus the dogs - they are heading to doggie camp for playtime, chilly swimming, and a bath) for Papaw's birthday. Since we need to be sure we bring everything that we might need for the day, we actually started a list that I need to pack up between now and tomorrow morning.

Burp cloths
Extra outfits
Pumped milk / bottles
Breast pump and empty containers
Small cooler
Large blanket for floor
Mylicon drops and saline drops, just in case
Hand sanitizer
Baby Bjorns (possibly)
Couple of toys / rattles

What else? Luckily they have a pack and play so Maddy & Libby can nap there and it's one less thing that we don't have to bring. I'm sure there is something that we've forgotten. Keep your fingers crossed that they do well - it's only a 2.5 hour drive, but it's amazing how fast two little girls can get very loud!


Goddess in Progress said...

It's amazing how much stuff two little people "need," isn't it??

My only advice would be to try to get in the car at a time you believe they are likely to nap. Your girls are still little, so I'm sure they don't have a "regular" nap schedule yet, but still. That's the best thing we've found, because I'm sure they're starting to approach the age where they don't automatically sleep in the car.

Good luck!

amanda said...

what camp do your pups go to? We're always looking for a new spot for Jack because I never remember to make the appointment far enough in advance. Right now he goes to Country Kennel or Best Friends Bed and Biscuit.

Susan D. said...

We take the dogs to Carolina Air canine - it's off Hwy 68 / Sandy Ridge Rd. They have 3 acres of land, a large pond, and work on the pack system. The dogs always come home worn out so we love it.

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

Can't wait for in-law details. What an adventure! Sounds like you are ready-to-go! Have fun and call me when you get back and have free min or two.