Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dinner and shots

Not those kind of shots, but Synagis for RSV. The girls were approved to receive this shot and while I wasn't excited about the idea of adding a monthly shot for several months, if it will keep them from getting sick during flu season, then I'm all for it. They were little troopers and cried just for a bit and then both fell soundly asleep in their car seats while we sat and patiently waited for 20 minutes to make sure they didn't have a reaction. No reaction ... thank goodness. We did find it interesting that our insurance didn't approve them on the basis that they are twins, or were born prematurely, or their small birth weight, but because I have asthma and we have a wood burning fireplace. That we never use, but shhhhhh, don't tell.

The dinner part of my post is the goulash that I made last night. The change in temperature here has made me looking up recipes for comfort food. On my list has been goulash, brownies, shepherd's pie, chili, etc. Anyway, I forgot to take photos of my dinner making in progress, but if you are looking for a good and easy recipe that will make enough for 3 hungry adults with plenty of leftovers, you can find it here. It is great with crusty bread and salad. Oh, and red wine, but sadly I settled for water last night.

Do you find yourself changing your menu when the weather changes? What is your favorite comfort food?


Ang said...

So glad the girls made it through the shots without problems! I worry once our little one arrives and she starts getting shots.

As for comfort food...I am in the process of making Irish stew. My favorite comfort food= mashed potatoes! Love them!

NatalieDeltaGam said...

I made pot roast last night b/c Cooper requested it...not necessairly b/c I wanted it. I did however eat a funnel cake last Saturday..blame it on autumn!

Jules said...

you are so fortunate to have qualified for this shot!!! not many do. OG got them for her 1st yr...thank goodness!

Ladybug's Picnic said...

I wasn't thrilled to add the flu shot to our monthly shot regime but if it keeps the girls well during the winter then I'm all for it.

My favorite comfort recipe to cook is definitely beef stroganoff. With my favorite comfort dessert recipe, apple crisp. Yum!