Monday, October 20, 2008

Crib gymnastics

I wish I would have had pictures to show this, but Libby turned a full 360 degrees in her crib last night. I still don't know how she does this without waking herself up. Hubby had checked on them around 5am and she was 180 degrees from where we put her to bed. By 7:30, she was all the way back where she started. Go figure.

I think I'm glad we opted not to use the cute bumper pads for their crib, because with the way she's moving, I think we would have been removing them sooner than later.

I kind of feel like the student cramming for final exams, except that I'm just gearing up for their 4 month appointment with our Pediatrician and working on the items she had mentioned. "More tummy time, girls!"

One thing that I've had a hard time with is putting the girls to sleep on different sides of their heads. Apparently with preemies, their heads are more oblong, so they tend to lay on their sides and not the back of their head. Most babies will get a flat spot on the back of their head, but we have the opposite problem, where they will continue to flatten out the sides and get more oblong. Our Dr. mentioned that we should try to alternate sides as well as to also place them to sleep on the back of their head. Well, Libby really seems to favor her left side and even with toys all on the right, she will still look to the left at the boring crib slats and wall. It seems that no matter which way we place her, she'll turn to have her head to the left. (I think this is also how I sleep, so maybe she's just taking after me!)

Does anyone have any recommendations on crib toys that your children really loved and would gravitate towards, or head positioners that help keep them in check?


Kate said...

The people I babysit for had a similar problem. They found a body positioner that they moved up and put under the baby's head. Good luck!

A. Rose said...

As for favorite crib toys, mine was a mirror. My mother says I stared at the mirror and babbled at it like it was another baby...though not sure that will work if there really ARE two babies...hmmm

Monogram Momma said...

Our 2nd son had an issue with only sleeping on one side of his head so one side was flat and we were afraid he was going to have to be put in a helmet so we had to really work at making him lay his head the opposite side. Also, it really affected his neck muscles too. What we did was roll up a bath towel and place it along his back side so he was sort of leaning against it on the side that he favored, so he was forced to turn and sleep with his head on the opposite side. Then when he was in the swing, we would do the same thing.. put a smaller rolled up hand towel next to the side of his head that he favored so he couldn't lay on that flat side. He was not too thrilled but it ultimately worked and he didn't have to wear the helmet thing.

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

Girl, you betta follow me!