Monday, September 01, 2008

shmack talking

Hubby and I were invited to join a couples fantasy football league with 7 other couples in our neighborhood. Hubby is a die-hard football fan, Steelers specifically, but if there's a game on from September to February, college or Pro, he's watching. He's already part of a fantasy football league where the guys are fanatic, but the most I know about it is the amount of shmack talking that they do via email, because when he looks busy on the Blackberry, it's normally reading someone's rude comments about one of the other guys.

So, I am looking forward to our draft party tonight, even though I don't really have the slightest idea about what to expect. I love to watch college football and will watch some pro, but honestly I don't understand all of the aspects of the game. So, either I'll be picking all of our players based on the uniforms or player cuteness factor or I can become really good at talking trash to the other teams!

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preppy little dress said...

sounds like fun, shocking but the lions are 4-0 (pre-season, but still - it's great) - good luck, wish we were a couples pool tool! sounds like fun!