Friday, August 29, 2008


Just when I'm bragging on the dogs, I now have to report that they were pretty naughty. I was getting our cooler of milk and bottles ready to go upstairs (yes, our house is 2-story and our bedroom and nursery are on the 2nd floor. The cooler is a much safer route instead of stumbling blindly downstairs to the kitchen at 3am). Anyway, I walked into our bedroom to find POOP on the floor. Not baby poop either, but a little present from the dogs.

Our dogs are 4 years old and I feel like if we would have had a "I can't hold it" situation, then their present would have been left near a door. This was just plain bad manners and I'm sure their way to say, "pay us a little more attention, willya?"

Has anyone had this happen with their pooches? Any behavior modification techniques would be most appreciated. I don't want the dogs to be mad at us, but I also can't tolerate any more presents like this.


Goddess in Progress said...

My dog went through a phase like that when my kids were newborns. Always in the dining room, seemingly no warning. It got better, frankly, when I started taking care of her better. Walks in the morning, throwing the ball around when the kids slept, making sure she went out later at night and consistent sleeping in her crate at night (we crate-trained her from when she was a puppy, so she was used to it). I think, at least in our case, it was all about attention.

stb said...

We haven't had problems with the poop but our lab had full run of the house until I went back to work after maternity leave - that's when he started eating socks, pacifiers, diapers, whatever he could find. No advice but I feel your pain that it's hard because I've been there! SO FRUSTRATING!

heather said...

Crate, crate, crate. When I was working, Max started acting out by chewing everything from TLOML's dress shoes to books to remote controls. We got more consistent with his play/walk schedule and his crate time, and he was a different dog. Now we catch him snoozing in his "apartment" (my training word for crate, to ease TLOML into the crate idea) even when he hasn't been instructed to go there!

Good luck. This has to be so very frustrating for you all!!!