Friday, August 08, 2008

No more preemie diapers

Picture a small picket line with very small babies, parading picket signs chanting ... "No more preemie diapers ... they must go."

That is where I was say around 2:30ish this morning. Someone woke up, so my routine is to check to see who is crying, find the appropriately marked bottle in the cooler. (long story - Maddy receives milk mixed with formula, so at night it's been easier just to use bottles and have everything ready, plus Hubby can help out with those nighttime feedings that way!) Next, warm up bottle, then go to change diaper so bottle is warm by the time said baby is changed and ready to eat.

This morning, I found Maddy completely soaked - down to the mattress pad, so this is through one preemie diaper, one outfit, one blanket, one sheet saver pad, one sheet, and one mattress pad underneath. Needless to say, I think this little girl is getting too big for her britches and it's time to switch over to the whopping Newborn diapers, which seem to be a little more absorbent. Whoo-hoo!

Hubby had to join me in the trenches to help get everything changed on the bed, which anyone can tell you, is not fun anytime of day, but is especially not fun at 2:30AM.

Oh, and did I mention that our washing machine is broken and we are not so patiently waiting on a part? We may be making another trip to our friend Ben's house for use of his laundry facilities. So much nicer than the laundromat!


stb said...

Find the "Ultimate Crib Sheet" at Babies R Us - it just goes on top of your crib sheet and snaps around the spindles of your crib - has seven layers of "stuff" topped with actual sheet material - you can change it without taking the whole bed apart.

Yeah for newborn diapers!

Monogram Momma said...

I hate to tell you this will be the first of many times your babies soak through everything in the crib! What a pain, right? You might also need to try different brands of diapers too. All my friends w/ girls have only used Pampers b/c they are better suited for girls, and we were only ever able to use Huggies b/c they just worked out so muhc better for boys. I can not explain why, but that just seems to be the case for a lot of us. Good luck and try to take a nap today!!

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

WOW. GO MADDY GO MADDY...WET YOUR BLANKETS! You Go Girl with your peeing self! So glad to hear she's eating and a' eating! :)

Love these pics. THey are too precious.