Monday, August 11, 2008

Mom for Hire

I typically have steered clear of blogging about work - I guess it comes from reading about people like dooce and how they were fired for what they wrote on their blogs. Hmmm, she's now making a good living off her blog ... not a bad idea.

So, about 3 weeks ago, I received an email from our VP asking me to come into the office for a meeting. She explained that the owner wanted to update me on the latest financial outlook of the company, etc. I read between the lines knowing that our financial outlook wasn't great when I started my FMLA a month prior, so the meeting probably meant one of three things: layoffs, salary cuts, or dropping the major project that I work on.

So, I went in for the meeting to find out that I was part of a nine-person layoff and there would be no bonuses or raises for the rest of the staff. At least I had the foresight to predict this, but basically it still is extremely unfortunate and very disappointing. I was told that I would be rehired if the financial situation changed, but who knows when/if that will happen.

So here's the thing, at some point, I need to have a job that pays me. As much as I would love to be a SAHM, I really like what I do and like the fact that I earn some income, plus I think I will need adult interaction. Right now, with the girls born prematurely, I would really like to try to work from home or work part-time before moving back into a 40+ hour work week and putting the girls in full-time child care.

So, dear blog readers, I ask a favor of you ... I know that I typically only ask for advice on clothing, babies, dogs, furniture, shoes, wine, etc. but now I'm asking if you have any work contacts for me.

I'll give you some general information about my experience and if you think you may have a lead, please leave a comment, and I can send you specifics - resume, etc via e-mail.

I have a BS in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. I have over 10 years experience working in marketing, public relations, advertising, writing, and I have my Certified Marketing Director designation. (I promise - it's real.)

I started out my career working with a regional shopping center and focused on marketing the center and our retailers, then moved into the agency world for a while working with clients that included pharmaceutical, health care, and a national retailer. From there, I went to my latest gig, marketing and PR for two regional lifestyle magazines. I've done a little bit of everything from writing - business, ad copy, newsletters, short articles, etc., website updates and overseeing redesigns, writing and implementing marketing plans, media buying, public relations, event planning, account supervision, working with sales teams, etc.

I'm a hard worker, team-player, detail-oriented and thorough. This description comes from a past boss, not by me. I would greatly appreciate any leads, ideas, or contacts.


magnoliabelle said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. I wish I had leads for you, but I will certainly say prayers that you find something soon!

lisagh said...

Sounds like you'd be perfect as an Account Manager at my ad agency. Alas, I think the commute would be a bit much.

Susan D. said...

Yes, that commute would be downright nasty! Now if there was only a way to telecommute!

CRICKET said...

What an unpleasant feeling/situation. I would start checking things out on I have had two jobs that I found there, one lasted 6 years and another lasted 1 year and then I decided to be a SAHM. Both involved telecommuting so with my first child I was able to have a nanny come to our house which was a nice way to experience childcare befor entering the Montessori system. Childcare for infants can be really hard (long waiting lists) to find so if you haven;t started looking this would be a great time. Good luck and I really believe everythign has a way of working itself out!

KSK said...

Sorry to hear this happened to you. I second the Craigslist idea. I also recommend joining key association groups so as to begin to meet people in your area. I never found the Ad Clubs to be much help (I did 15 years of marketing before a career change), but there are good groups out there. Good luck!

shaybird said...

I just read an article in the last couple of weeks on about Mom Corps. It might be worth checking out.

Jules said...

I am so sorry to hear that...not great timing huh? I have a lot of connections here in the if we want to get together to chat, let me know.

What about Pace Communications? Gail is the HR person there and is super nice....and doesn't Leigh Ann Buchannan from the League work there? Sounds right up your alley.

Jules said...

Also, OG's daycare center has been GREAT! I recommend it...she has been there since she was 1 yr and now is 4...lots of league ladies have their kids there. Let me know if you want a referral.

Belle-ah said...

Now, that just wasn't nice!

You sound perfect for the job I just left -resigned in July to go back to being a SAHM (but I think it is probably a bit far of a drive) but could I throw another option for you to look at in the pile? With your backgroud you would be perfect for Development or as the Director of Institutional Advancement at a private school or at the college level (which would hugely benefit from your communications experience and PR perspectives). AND, if you found a position at a private school you would most likely get a break on your children's tuition when the time comes (it will be here before you know it). It could be beneficial in a multi-layered way!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl--
Please check out my blog-- I am doing a Preppy Swap and want you to be apart of it :)
I cannot figuere out how to tag you, so I am posting a comment.
Let me know if you want to join :)
Would love to have you!

Buford Betty said...

I am SO sorry you got such unfortunate news. Even if you sorta saw it coming, that doesn't make it any better! I agree with Cricket - totally check out craigslist. There are so many job posts on there. And sure there's some crap you may have to weed out, but there are legit job postings on there (a ton of them). I wish you all the best!!!

More, More, More said...

Believe it or not the telecommuting jobs are out there and if you are patient something will come to you with your searches. Try the web site too. Women in Communications. I might have a lead for you where I work - I'll see if the position is approved and get back to you!

amanda said...

Don't have any leads, but just wanted to send my support. Losing a job is never fun, but what a stinky time for it to happen.