Friday, August 15, 2008

Maddy and Libby's pick of the day

Maddy and Libby here reporting life from our family room, AKA, where we spend most of our day time hours. We wanted to tell you about these cute new blankets that Mom found on etsy. Right now, we're still using the same-old, same-old receiving blankets with ducks and bears, but we really wanted to be a little more sophisticated and let's face it, as we're getting bigger these receiving blankets just aren't swaddling us as much as Mom would like.

She found these great blankets from Elephant Ears. Aren't they cute? We love the retro Alexander Henry fabric and they are huge. We can't wait to be swaddled up in these and Mom says they'll be great for tummy time or for our strollers. I know we'll be the talk of the neighborhood. Plus, Mom was so impressed by the super cute packaging and swaddling instructions.

That's all for now ... we're gonna go listen to this classical music that Mom has playing in the background and squeeze in a little nap before our next meal time.
M & L

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