Thursday, July 10, 2008

One down, one to go

That is right ... we received notice on Monday that Libby was able to come home with us and that she did on Tuesday. We didn't expect this news quite so soon, and then had a few hiccups getting ready for her arrival that included:
  • The first test failure. Every NICU baby has to pass a car seat tolerance test - this is to make sure that they can sit up in a car seat and have no respiratory problems. Well, that wasn't the problem for us - it was the car seat. The ones that we had were slightly too big, so we ended up going to 2 places to find a new car seat that would fit her. We got the new one and she passed her test with flying colors.
  • This was also the day that I was going to buy my new car. Goodbye little Audi, hello big ol Ford Explorer. I have dodged the Mini Van for now, but who knows ... I may change my mind in a couple of years. I like the size of the Explorer, but if you see me, I wouldn't suggest parking near me because parking isn't going very well. Of course, the paperwork took an excruciating amount of time and was just a longer process than we had hoped.

So, let's see ... a few things that we've learned so far about parenthood so far.

  • I may opt to keep my parents around for the next 6 years. (Just kidding, Hubby!). They were planning just to come and visit for a few days, but have been here since I went into labor. My Mom has been a Godsend and it's great to have the extra help with Libby, cooking, cleaning, etc.
  • Libby poops and pees like a boy. Example, when you pull off her diaper, you better watch out because at least once a day, that's when she decides to finish up. Nice. Her burps are also of the college frat boy caliber, but that's a good thing.
  • Don't forget to leave all of the clothes downstairs, because when she has an explosion at 1 AM, you really can't run downstairs to get the change of clothes while you have a screaming baby on your hands. (Thank you, Hubby.)
  • Zeus & Zoe seem fine with the new addition - they've done a lot of sniffing and a little poking around, but seem relatively unfazed.

So, life is definitely a lot busier, but in a good way. It's hard not to be at the NICU to see Maddy quite as much, but we're still up there quite a bit. She's doing really well and continuing to gain weight and meet other requirements, so we may have two babies home before too long!


lisagh said...

Sounds like you're doing pretty well. Thank God for Moms, right?!

Susan D. said...

Amen to that!

Goddess in Progress said...

Congrats, and welcome home Libby! My daughter did that crazy pee thing, too. She did stop, thankfully. Haven't been peed on in a while. :-)

Ashley Davis said...

and somehow in the middle of all this you manage to give us an update on your blog!! You are amazing and I am happy everything is going well!

MMM said...

Welcome home baby Libby! You can get your Mom all "ready" for bringing home your sister! Good luck! =)

tulipmom said...

Glad to hear Libby is home!

I'm laughing at the part about her peeing and pooping like a boy. My days of getting pee in my eye may be over, but Tulipbaby has managed to squirt me with #2 a few times. Unbelievable!!

Jules said...

WOOT! Yeah

I broke down and got the van....and OG was almost 4. LOL my lease on the Volvo SUV was up (sniff sniff) but I DO love my van.

Those carseat tests are tricky...did June to it? lady with short dark hair? she is my FAVORITE...we email at least once every few weeks still 4 yrs later...tell her HI for me. I saw her the other week when I was up there.

So did you return you other carseats and they took them back?

amanda said...


Monogram Momma said...

Everything sounds great, Susan! Make sure you get some naps in for yourself, too!