Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My love letter to Sears

Dear Sears,

I really should have known better to get involved with you. I've not had good luck in the past and have simply been able to ignore you or find other stores that would meet my needs. This time, you drew me in with an offer that I couldn't refuse.

A white glider with green cushions that was $100 cheaper than the one at BRU. I tried to stay away and buy it at BRU, but I just couldn't pass up the savings and BRU wouldn't price match since it was a slightly different model.

So, I gave in to you. I placed my order to find out that you wouldn't even deliver to our local store. Enter the in-laws who volunteered to pick up our delivery at a store near them. First, you lied and said you would be ready in 3-5 days ... try 10 days. But you arrived to find out that your wood was shattered and broken.

Next, we reordered and you would come straight to our door. Trying your best to satisfy. 7-10 days this time and you actually stayed on schedule. Again, a tease ... broken yet again. I sent you back, had some lovely conversations with a few people, and we are trying yet again. Come through for me this time, Sears. Learn what proper packaging means as well as customer service. That's right, say it with me, "customer service."

I'm counting on you ... please don't disappoint.

Susan D.


Lisa said...

Uggggh, that is just annoying, isn't it?!

Here's some retail-finger-crossing for you! Hope it arrives in better fashion 3x around!

Monogram Momma said...

ugh, that sucks. All I can say is at least it arrived and you aren't waiting 13 weeks later for delivery of something that still hasn't arrived and you can't be told even a round-about time when it will arrive (oh, and no apologies are even being made too). I can't believe that happened to you twice! Maybe three times is the charm??