Sunday, July 27, 2008

date night

My parents kicked Hubby and I out of the house last night, so we could have dinner out. Since we still haven't taken the girls out on the town (just for Dr.'s appointments until they're a little older), we went solo, and I have to admit was wonderful.

I had my first glass of wine since last year, and luckily timing worked out in between pumping/feeding, that I didn't have to do a "pump & dump". We chose a neat little place with outdoor seating and a guy playing acoustic guitar - everything from Coldplay to James Taylor. We had a great dinner, good conversation (mainly about the girls and the birth), and of course toasted to Maddy & Libby.

Now, I'm not sure what Grans and Grandpa did to the girls while we were out, or if they were just jealous that they didn't go, but they were not wanting to settle down at all last night. Feeding, rocking, walking, diapering, singing, holding -- nothing worked. Finally, the pacifier and sheer exhaustion (them and us) finally put everyone to sleep. We are hoping not to repeat that again this evening!


Buford Betty said...

Sounds exhausting! But glad y'all had a fun date night! :-)

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

Glad you had a good time out. You need it and dserve it!

Jules said...

FUN! You deserve it!!

Where did you eat??

Susan D. said...

Julie, we went to the Lindley Park Filling Station - their fried green tomato sandwich is so yummy!

KSK said...

good for you! date-nights are SO crucial to surviving it all! :)