Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tick tock, tick tock

Why is it after 3:00 AM and I am wide awake, and have been off and on since 1:00 AM?

Could it be ....

Heartburn? nope, not tonight.

Can't get comfortable and need to rearrange pillows every 5 minutes? no, I actually felt pretty comfortable.

The babies are moving so much that it feels like they may be wrestling? they are moving around quite a bit, but nothing that drastic.

I'm hungry? well, that could always be the case, but I drank some milk and don't feel hungry.

I need to pee? Been there, done that.

Or is it the fact that I feel like my "mind" just won't turn off, plus it could have something to do with the brownie and chocolate sauce that I had for dessert tonight that has me wired from the caffeine in the chocolate? Ding, ding, ding ... we have a winner!

At this point, who the hell really knows? Hubby is snoring soundly, the dogs didn't make a peep when I came downstairs and poured myself a glass of milk and came into the office, I've updated photos on facebook, checked e-mail, watched Elton John on Classic VH1, watched part of an HGTV show, blogged, have debated about trying to read, and most importantly have wondered how the hell am I supposed to get up and go to work in a few hours? I am not a happy camper without sleep.

Ok, thinking about counting sheep and sweet dreams. Heading upstairs to try this again.

P.S. Just for the record, I noticed that the time of this post reads 2:15 AM and I can assure you that it is actually 3:15 AM.


lisagh said...

It's 7:48 a.m. here in Winnipeg right now...


That was your internet wake up call. Just in case you're still snoozing :)

Deborah said...

There is nothing like not being able to sleep. It is really the worst esp. when you're going to have to get up anyway in just a couple of hours. Hopefully you can make up for it over the next few nights.