Thursday, May 29, 2008

Living on the wild side

Today, I'm wearing white pants and am eating my breakfast of a PB& raspberry jam on wheat with strawberries.  Now, I know that this doesn't sound like a dangerous feat for most of you, but for me, I can rarely wear white without something finding it's way to my clothing.  The sandwich is done and I will say, I surprised myself without finding jam on my pants. 

Case in point, yesterday, I wore a white faux-wrap top and made it through most of the work day until I discovered the canister of Hershey's extra dark chocolate with pomegranate bits.  Yum.  I took one back to my desk to savor and looked down a few minutes later to find it on my shirt and also on my arm.  Go figure!

By the way, if you love dark chocolate - find this candy.  It is quite yummy.  We had the individual squares in several different flavors. 


tulipmom said...

It seems like everything finds its way onto your shirt at this stage of the game, doesn't it? :)

suburban prep said...

I have the same problem almost each time I have pasta.