Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Wish this was a permanent addition to my day

Today at work, I was one of the winners of a 15-minute massage. This was part of some sales deal from several months ago. Let me tell you, I wish this masseuse would show up every day at 1PM to knead the knots out of my shoulders and back.

Now, since the masseuse didn't know that she would have a 5 1/2 month pregnant woman as her first customer, she didn't have the right pillow or table for me, so I received my massage leaning over in a chair. It really didn't matter. So worth it.

Next on my agenda - to book a real prenatal massage or somehow convince my employer that this needs to be added to our regular benefits package.

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Anonymous said...

Love me a massage! So jealous.

Just wandered over here from another blog. Can't believe I've never been on your blog before - looked through your list of things you like - I could have written it. As a fellow book lover with two labs, I think I will definitely be back to visit again.

Really like your nursery bedding choice too, by the way!