Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I'm here

I promise I'm not suffocating under a large pile of baby bedding. Thanks to everyone for their input!

Last night, I told Hubby what pattern I was leaning towards and he looked at my incredulously and said, "You've made a decision???" He's a funny one, that Hubby.

I am leaning towards the Pottery Barn Stella pattern (pattern B from my previous post), but I'll use one of the pique bed skirts with the light green stripe. At least that's what I leaning towards right now this very minute.

In other news, do I need to seek help for the fact that I DVR'd 2 episodes of the Hills and watched them when I came home from lunch yesterday? I'm sure I killed brain cells wasting that hour of my life.

And, while I am pregnant and I appreciate people looking after me, if one more person asks me how I'm feeling, in that voice that is usually saved to ask about a terminally ill Grandma, I'm going to scream! I have resolved never to ask this of anyone that I meet who is pregnant. Instead, I'll ask about their cute haircut, their shoes, or maybe even that new maternity shirt that they have on and somehow they managed to leave the house without spilling toothpaste or oatmeal on their ever growing chest!


tulipmom said...

The chest really DOES get in the way, doesn't it? I feel like I should wear a bib everytime I eat or brush my/SB's teeth.

lisagh said...

I didn't vote on your previous post, but the Stella pattern was my favorite!

Kara said...

Ha, I was just talking to my cousin who is also pregnant with twins about how irritating she finds that question. She answers with, "I'm great, how are YOU feeling?"