Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Higher Ed

Over the next two months, Hubby and I will be taking a series of classes to prepare us for for these two new additions to our home often referred to as Baby A and Baby B. First on our list, Infant CPR. I know I was certified several years ago, but if I had to perform it right now, I would probably freeze.

Next month, we have the power weekend class called "Birth & Baby". We've been told this is full of breathing techniques for relaxation, a tour of the delivery wing, c-section information, etc. I'm sure this class also contains some great 1970's footage of some real life births. And did I mention that lunch is included, since we're doing the super duper power weekend?

In the meantime, I'll be taking Breastfeeding I and II. I'm sure Hubby was glad that he was able to opt out of that one.

As I've really been thinking about these classes - does anyone fail? What if we made a D+ or a C-? What can they do? As far as I know, these babies are coming this summer whether I'm ready or not! Somehow I imagine that these classes will make for a few good posts. Hubby is also looking into the Daddy Bootcamp workshop. Not for exercise, but apparently learning the basics of parenting from a Dad's point of view. I'm totally imagining Scott Baio's class on "Scott Baio is 46 & Pregnant."


Mrs. STL Sarah said...

I'm still cracking up at the 1970's childbirth videos. Have fun!!

tulipmom said...

D. is still traumatized by all the explicit videos he "had to watch" in our first childbirth class 7 years ago. In fact, when we took the 3 hour refresher class in February, that was the first question he asked the instructor, whether he would be forced to see "all those babies coming out of all those vaginas" again.

You will definitely get some good blog fodder out of your class.

Kate said...

With my daughter we took the hospital birth class (Complete w/ 70's videos - seriously!. It was not really helpful - just scary! With my son we did a Bradley method class which was much more helpful even though we didn't agree w/ all of it. Have fun!