Monday, March 10, 2008

Walking dogs = out of breath

Pregnancy observation #12546

Either I am way out of shape or having 12 ounces of baby inside me is already cutting into my lung capacity.


Kate said...

Early pregnancy does leave you totally out of breath! I think it's a progestin thing (I may be remembering this wrong - the crummy stuff about pregnancy fades pretty fast from your memory:)

pink daisies said...

i have had the same experience! i wasn't exercising much before i got pregnant, so my dr told me that with twins to keep taking it easy. so, by the time i have these girls and start trying to get more active, i'm going to be a real lightweight!

tulipmom said...

LOL. I completely understand.

My dad wanted to know why I was so out of breath when he called yesterday.

Um, from running inside to grab the phone? Hey, it's a long way from the garage to the kitchen when you're about to pop anyday!