Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm in trouble

I was in a candy conversation last week with two of my co-workers. Yes, we were actually talking about what kind of candy we liked. You know the norm - dark chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate, and then I discovered that these two women and I are soul mates. We all love hot tamales.

One of them bought about 6 big boxes and filled up a cute little jar that now sits near our desks, along with another jar of Good n Plenty's.

I restrained until the afternoon yesterday, but one of the women was already nibbling before 8:30. I hope I don't eat the entire jar!

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Kim said...

I've been enjoying the preggers posts, congrats on twins! I am due in August as well, but there is only one in there... :)

You've been tagged as well, so if you want to write 5 things have learned throughout this pregnancy, that might be fun! check out my blog for details.

Take care!