Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back from the beach

It's only 7:30 and I can hear two sleeping dogs snoring from their kennels. Hubby & I headed to Wrightsville Beach for the weekend to celebrate my birthday, and the pups went to Air Canine for a weekend of swimming, running, and baths.

We had a good, very relaxing weekend, albeit cold and windy. Walks on the beach were pretty short, but it's still nice to have the ocean as your backyard. Lots of eating and napping, a little shopping, and I even stayed up to watch UNC beat Duke last night. Go Heels! I think my afternoon nap helped me out for the 9pm game. And, not to forget my alma mater, a little shout out to the Peay for making it to the NCAA tourney!

As always, it's nice to be home. Loving the daylight savings time ... I'm sure I'll grumble tomorrow morning, but for now, I love the extra daylight.

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Nelly said...

I am from Wrightsville Beach!!! I love it. Where did you stay and what did you do? I miss home so much.