Monday, February 18, 2008

Things I'm loving today

These cute Emma dishes from Pottery Barn. We have the white, but I could almost convince myself to switch. Or add a set of the green to mix & match.

That my jonquils are starting to bloom. Since we moved in the new house in September, we weren't sure about all of the flowers that were planted. These are my favorite, so I was excited to see them. I just hope they make it since it's not even Spring yet.

Hot Tamales from my Hubby for Valentine's Day. Yum. Glad I've had no strange aversion to artificially flavored cinnamon candy!

The flowers that Hubby also gave me for V-Day - pale green hydrangea, deep red roses, and blackberries.

If we decide not to find out the genders of the babies, I think this crib bedding is so much fun. What's not to love? Argyle & polka dots?


Mrs.Preppy said...

I love the dishes. Plus, the bedding is very cute! I just passed the link along to a friend.

Heather at Grace303 said...

It would be cute to mix and match the green and the white.

tulipmom said...

I LOVE those dishes and would definitely mix the two colors.

I just ordered a diaper bag from Land of Nod.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I LOVE the dishes!

kristy said...

I too love those dishes! And the green color! And your bedding selection is too cute!