Sunday, February 10, 2008

Babies R Us and SUV's, oh my

We started out yesterday morning by checking out a baby consignment sale ... no, you can't buy any babies there, but hoardes of baby clothes, toys, equipment, etc. Needless to say, Hubby and I were a wee bit overwhelmed by the whole thing, decided that if we knew the genders, I could have racked up on adorable Ralph Lauren dresses, but other than that, we thought a lot of the equipment looked a little more used and worn than we hoped, so we left.

Since we just needed a little more stimulation, we then went to Babies R Us, where it was more sensory overload. We did test out some twin strollers, were given advice by passer-by's (the side by side strollers are too big for anywhere inside) (duh), Hubby tested out some gliders, and I decided that I didn't like any bedding they had, we looked for the eleusive "twin pack and play", squeezed a few teddy bears, and once again, it was enough, so we left.

By now, I'm hungry, so a little lunch was in order. I say little, but I ate an entire pizza from here, along with a salad, and really contemplated a lemon bar. I didn't even feel stuffed. Scary!

On we went to CarMax for more sensory overload, but this time in car form. Since we know that the Audi A4 will be too small for two car seats, I really just wanted to see what some of the SUV's were like, so we did a lot of sitting and measuring. My favorite of the day, the Acura MDX. It had the most storage space, but doesn't feel huge and I can see over the top of the hood. I'm 5'3", so this matters. It's still pretty sporty - friends keep telling me to suck it up and buy a minivan, but I just can't do it. I may change my mind in a couple of years, but for now, I'm sticking to my decision.

From there, it was home - we managed to come home empty handed, but I enjoyed a 2 hour nap for me and hubby found the twin pack and play online where it had mixed reviews.


Maggie said...

Unless you'd actually like one, there's no need for a minivan. We raised two kids with a Volvo wagon (started with 240 in 1986, currently have 2005 XC70).

tulipmom said...

The big baby stores (Babies R Us and even nicer ones like Buy Buy Baby) are so overwhelming. You go in for a handful of things you really need, get sidetracked by all the crap you don't, and then leave empty-handed. I'm very familiar with the phenomenon.

Ladybug's Picnic said...

No need for a minivan - 2 car seats fit comfortably into the back of my Volvo wagon (it's an XC-70). My husband has a BMW 3-series sedan, about the same size as your Audi, and 2 car seats do fit, but not quite as comfortably.

As far as babies r us, we registered online, saw what we got for our shower, and then sucked it up right before I was due and went in one afternoon and finished buying the registry.

Last - my good friend has twins and both slept in the same standard size pack and play for the 1st few months and they fit just fine. Good luck!

Meg said...

Stay strong - don't buy a minivan. They're just not cool.

Heather at Grace303 said...

I have an Audi A4 and it is tight with just one carseat in it. A number of my friends have the Acura MDX. I think that would be a good choice. We went with Pottery Barn Kids for our bedding, b/c like you, I didn't care for the babies r us bedding choices.

Kerry said...

just say no to the mini van!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have kids, but this video makes me laugh!

"Mom My Ride"

Anonymous said...

OK Everybody, a minivan isn't the end of the world. The Honda Odyssey is wonderful. I wouldn't have bought any other kind of van. It is so convenient and easy. I had a Volvo wagaon, but the hubby said the carseats didn't fit too well. But mine was the smaller wagon. I just got very practical and with the way we are always traveling, we can fit everything in there--even the kitchen sink!Okay--I mean the baby swing. :) Good luck with your car search and find what works for your family!

Belle-ah said...

It can be overwhelming! (not to mention for y'all it is X2).

I drove my Volvo 850 until just recently...yes, we have a minivan in the garage for when we all 5 go together (which is really only about twice a week) or for trips. There was plenty of room for 2 cars seats in back - though now I have only 1 booster seat as the others are older (the 2 older can even ride in front...not together, of course!) I just never caught the big 'ole vehicle fever.