Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Slackers R Us

We finally un-decorated the tree last night. Well, the lights are still on, so a big, bare tree still stands in our family room, but at least the decorations are safely wrapped in tissue, sitting in big Tupperware tubs, ready to be put away until next year. No more candles in the windows, wreaths on the door, Santas proudly displayed or stocking hung. Thank God. I was just over seeing everything around, but we had guests on New Year's Day, then I was out of town for work last weekend, and Hubby had the duty of cleaning out the old house.

Speaking of the old house, we closed on the sale on Monday. Whoo-hoo! Our cute realtor dropped off a large check to me at work and I halfway contemplated booking a flight to the Caribbean and finding a little hut, but then I went back to my desk and proceeded to call Hubby. I think he would have been rather suspicious.

In other news, we have some exciting happenings that will be taking place later this year... I will fill you in soon. Kind of life-changing, people.

Oh, and I found the cutest sweater and shorts at Target last night. The shorts were $17.99 and the sweater, $24.99. How can you go wrong? I bought the sweater in green, but I could have really also bought the grey and pink.


Britt said...

Love those shorts!

Can't wait to hear the news!

RED said...

I covet those shorts! But! I have a little no-new-clothing thing happening right now. ugh! Great choice!
Can't wait to hear the news!

kristy said...

oh those are both so cute!

suburban prep said...

The shorts are really cute.
I have been staying away from Target for a bit now because my wallet seems much lighter everytime I go in. Might have to venture back in.

tulipmom said...

No fair leaving us hanging like that :)

Congrats on closing on your old house. Must feel good!

Heather at Grace303 said...

Those are cute finds! Congratulations on your house closing.

Aunt Carebear said...

just stumbled onto your blog, I'm new to all this, but it's fun to read about someone else that relates to squat thrusts, energetic labs, and 3 years of marriage. I bought the sweater in black.