Wednesday, January 30, 2008

San Antonio, Revisited

I wanted to share a few pictures and details of our trip to San Antonio.

1) It was really cold when we arrived and of course, we were anticipating 70 degrees and sunny. No such luck - my friend who now lives there arrived for dinner in her coat, scarves, and gloves. The first time she had to wear them since she's been there. It was great to see her - she looks wonderful and really loves the area.

2) I looove the tableside guacamole. So fresh and yummy. We had it at the Iron Cactus and Boudro's and my favorite was the Iron Cactus.

3) We heard several mariachi bands and other entertainers. My favorite was the all female group who performed for the opening session of the Junior League. Aren't they pretty?

We also noticed this Hispanic bagpiper. Good, just not what we were expecting.
And I had to take this picture on our last night. We were at Rita's on the River and this very flexible duo did a little fancy Texas Two-Steppin on the dance floor. This guy could do the splits and he did them, several times!

4) Of course, no trip to San Antonio is complete without a trip to the Alamo.

5) There was a street fair occurring on Saturday. Some very sad animals were on display.

6) And of course, the real reason I was there ... The Junior League. It was a great conference - jam packed with training and information.

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Farrell & Lauren said...

mmm, i love the iron cactus!