Monday, December 03, 2007

Tree & Weekend Update

Just to let y'all know, I've used 10 strands of lights and just sent Hubby to Target to buy 4 or 5 more. I like a lit tree - my mother was always the Christmas Tree nazi & would do a "squint test" on her trees. This was some kind of scientific method that she developed to determine if you had enough lights on your tree. I think when you squint and you don't have any holes aka dark spots, then you're OK. And, she never let us kids decorate the tree, but that's another session!

We had a good weekend - very nice to getaway and the place we stayed is gorgeous and crawling with history. We were lucky to have a room in the Main Inn that is also the original part. You take a elevator, complete with attendant, that is literally built inside of the grandiose 14-foot fireplaces. This was done to conceal noise and they are still used today.

Here were a few pictures of the room - love the little details. While not very large, the working windows are a plus. We loved all of the craftsman style furniture. The room picture really doesn't do it justice, but should give an idea.

On Saturday afternoon, we found this great little wine bar where I found a great Spanish wine called Heredad Sol i Terra and Hubby found a new Belgian beer called Leffe Blonde. Both were great and probably our new favorites.

It was a relaxing weekend - a little shopping, eating, drinking, and a pedicure to round things off.

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Britt said...

looks and sounds like a lovely time!
I like that leather armchair!