Sunday, December 30, 2007

A little sap for the holidays

Hubby and I went to see P.S. I love you last night. I know, I know... I drag him to chick flicks all the time, but this one started at 7 and that was really the time we wanted to go and Juno isn't on here yet. While it's a little predictable at times, it really was a sweet and charming movie. I may be a little emotional right now, but I did find myself tearing up from time to time.

I have also found a new guy to add to my list! Hubby told me that since I was now married, the list had to be closed for new additions, but anyway. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Apparently, he's been on Grey's, but I've missed him. I don't use this term much, but he's hot.

So, if you're looking for a good cry or a good chick flick, go see it.


Libby said...

Oh yes, he was Denny on Grey's, Izzy's love interest (and her patient, of course!)

Happy New Year, Susan!

Anonymous said...

I thought that Denny was Robert Downey Jr!! Why can't I just put on my glasses more often? Ha!

tulipmom said...

Re Denny: You can say that again!