Monday, November 19, 2007

Why Hubby hearts Swoozie's

Our 2-year anniversary was last Monday and Hubby, being the ever so thoughtful Hubby that he is gave me a gift that I've been asking about for a while.... (oh, and he's a good listener) A stationery embosser, with our new name and most recently our new address.
When I opened my gift, I found an embosser and a nice note from the employee at Swoozie's explaining that my actual embosser was late - that they were sorry, but it would arrive shortly. Apparently, Hubby and strong-armed the employee, telling her that he couldn't show up gift less on his anniversary, so the employee wrapped up the store model & included a hand written note. A nice touch.
The embosser arrived on Friday, so Hubby stopped by and picked it up. Excited to try it out, I immediately found some scrap paper and began embossing... to find out that while our name was right, they also had our last name listed as our street address. Hmmmm.
Needless to say, Hubby paid another visit to Swoozie's on Saturday - again, more apologizing, and they said the new one (with the right address) should arrive next week. Let's hope. I will say with all of the mix-ups, they have been extremely apologetic and accommodating... I'm just glad it's not the week that I'm mailing out Christmas cards! This is what it will look like!


Kerry said...

I bought the same exact stamper! Love it - it will make the cards go out faster I hope!

Buford Betty said...

Fun! Hope it's correct this time around. I love Swoozie's!

heather said...

I love Swoozie's too! The Nashville location has been so supportive of our local Junior League -- they sell our cookbook and recently hosted a Saturday where League members served dishes from cookbook and on that day, a percentage of all the store's profits went back to the League. Who could ask for nicer people than that?