Sunday, November 18, 2007


Just spent the last 2 hours putting away summer clothes, and separating the other clothes into throw-away, consignment store, and thrift store for the Junior League piles, oh and the pile to actually hang up in the closet or put into drawers. I really put a lot into the giveaway piles, which makes me feel good, but also feel like I need to shop! I did pick up a few things over the weekend...This outfit, but I won't tuck the turtleneck into the skirt (ewww) and I'll probably throw on a blue jean jacket as well. I also found another skirt and top from a little boutique without a website for photos.

Since Hubby and I moved into the new house, 2 months ago, I've kind of been living out of a clothes basket, a dresser that is downstairs and a few other stacks in between. Pain in the ass, so I finally decided to do something about it.

We have decided that while we have ample closet space in the two upstairs bedroom closets, the space is kind of awkward and really needs California Closets or some similar business to tell us what to do. Our house was built in '39, and our bedroom is in what used to be the attic, so about 1/2 the closet is at an angle. There is a long pole and one shelf, but nothing else. I think I failed the spatial relations portion on the ACT, so I really need someone else to figure out how to arrange it. Since we aren't using the other upstairs bedroom closet, I went ahead and set up my stuff in that one until we figure out the master. Fun & games, I tell you!


Libby said...

I love the outfit, really adorable.

Oh, how I pine for California Closets! My closet would be such a happier place if I could have one of those setups installed.

tulipmom said...

Great outfit! I miss Talbots. Maybe someday they'll start a maternity line :)

Happy Thanksgiving!