Thursday, October 04, 2007

Our neighbor

We have been settling nicely into the new neighborhood - meeting neighbors, stopping to pet new dogs on our walks, saying hello, waving when you drive by... It's really nice, because we've met more people in the 2 weeks here than we met in 3+ years at the old location.

One neighbor that I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting is a hawk. The house to the left of us is under renovations and the woman in charge of the work has seen him several times and thinks that he may live in the backyard, in one of the huge trees. Last week, apparently, he swooped down into our front yard and then perched on the roof long enough for her to grab a shot with her camera phone. She is supposed to send it to me, so as soon as I have it, I'll post it.

I do think hawks are magnificent, beautiful birds. Am I glad that Zeus & Zoe are 80+ pounds each? Yes. Hopefully nothing like this could ever happen... I do think there are a shortage of squirrels in our yard, but I'll try not to think about that!

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