Monday, October 22, 2007

Back from the motherland

I am back and exhausted. Imagine being surrounded by 100 other vendors selling their wares, inside a coliseum where you cannot see outside light for 5 days... We were located on the arena floor, which is on top of the ice where the Hurricanes play. It's covered, but from time to time, it really got cold. We had a great show, but guess where we were located? By the flying monkey booth! Can you believe it? Cute purses, jewerly, pimento cheese, personalized everything, clothes and guess where we ended up?

You got it... right here by the vendor that sold these..
Yes, flying monkeys that would fly 50 feet in the air (by built-in sling shots).

But, aside from that, it was wonderful. I overheard one vendor describe it as sending an alcoholic to work at the ABC Store (for those of you outside of NC, that's a liquor store). It really was a non-stop shopping extravaganza and of course those of us who are trying to be good, did have to refrain a little!

Some of my favorites included this adorable shop for vintage aprons and these great bags. I bought two - one for me and one for a gift.

These purses were to die for... Plus, I loved the name!

For the cutest baby onesies around, go here. They were out of my size, so I had to order, but my cute and comfy PJ's should arrive in about 2 weeks. Their booth was great - all of the employees wore PJ's and robes all day.


RED said...

PJs to work all day! sign me up!
Great job refraing, looks like you scooped up some gooooood stuff!

sle said...

I was there!! I was the woman hauling four of those pink SPREE bags loaded up around that circle looking for package check without realizing I had passed the same booths over and over. Oh, and if I ever see another pimento cheese sandwich.....! Bought a little too much! I did load up on some fabulous pewterware though. Glad you found some cute pj's.

Maggie said...

I was there too! So which vendor were you?

Susan D. said...
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Beaufort Belle said...

Howdy neighbor! I live in a town next to where the Canes play in NC.

Hope you had fun at the Spree!