Saturday, September 22, 2007

What I've learned in the past 4 days...

Closing wasn't as bad as I expected... other than handing over a large sum of money and lots of signing, it was fine. I'm sure I should have been reading every line with extreme concentration, but that's why we have a good lawyer.

Professional packers and movers are the way to go. I think we've reached the age that we can no longer buy beer and pizza and expect a few friends to move us. The actual move was pretty stress free.

Until we realized that our queen box spring was not going to make it up our new flight of stairs. They are rather steep. So, Hubby & I have set up camp in a downstairs bedroom for now & lucky for us, we found out that queen box springs are available in a split option.

Zeus does not like the stairs either. After coming back from a few days of "doggie daycare", we were walking them around the house - letting them sniff and get accustomed to it - and we decided to take them upstairs. Zoe, the dog that has no fear quickly bounded up the stairs so she could continue her sniffing. Zeus, not so much. He would get about 2 steps up and freeze and revert to the landing. The steps do have a runner, so I thought he would have enough traction, but apparently not enough for his liking.

And, I never realized how much CRAP we have accumulated. Word of caution - when two independent thirty-somethings marry, they come with lots o' crap. I've been unpacking and quickly separating items into a keep, throw, or yard sale pile.


Libby said...

Yeozers, that's a lot of boxes!

I'm sure that once you get the split box spring and start spending more time upstairs that Zeus will decide that he's willing to climb stairs so he can hangout with his pack.

RED said...

you DO have a lot of stuff! I love the paint colors - you new home looks so inviting! I'm sure without the boxes it will look amazing! Happy un-packing/nesting!

Meg said...

Woo woo new house! So exciting...keep us posted with photos!

Belle-ah said...

Glad you got moved! Now let the decorating commence...btw, you are right...professional movers are the way to go!!!