Monday, August 13, 2007

A little togetherness

I spent the weekend with 20 of my fellow board members with this great organization. Again, I am always blown away at how many remarkable women we have that volunteer, have full-time jobs, children, and many other time commitments as well. We stayed overnight for our retreat in a camp-like atmosphere. Now, these are primarily women who are always dressed in their pearls, wearing great outfits with coordinating sandals and clutches. It was great to see that we (myself included) were able to "rough it" in our accommodations that included 4 bunk beds to a room, a 5-minute shower rule, and not freak out when we were outside of our comfort zones (whether it was almost getting attacked by huge bugs, doing the ropes course, or staying a weekend with 20 other women). Luckily, there was wine!

And, speaking of comfort zones, my parents are traveling here tomorrow for an "extended" vacation. We aren't sure of the end date of the trip & Hubby and I became a little concerned when my mom is asking about the Baker sale, that takes place in MID September! My parents are great - they are mostly retired (my dad still works a part-time job for fun), so they are coming to help us get our current house ready to put on the market. Hubby did paint our dining room this weekend to a great neutral shade (parchment) that I highly recommend.. it took him 4 hours to prime and cover the previous red that it was painted. He was a trooper - it looks great, but still needs a few touch-ups. Luckily, mom is detail-oriented and will be a great toucher-upper.


Carter D. Stuart said...

Susan - Thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog. After reading your blog, I realized we're practically neighbors. Email me if you get a chance and I'll tell you about it.

Belle-ah said...

Your weekend sounds way outside of my comfort zone...camping to me is the Best Western! LOL

I love RL paints; we have it in both our formal living and dining rooms.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I too love RL paint colors and Baker (my favorite)!